#Braves already contemplating a change at SS

Erick Aybar’s uninspired defense has been so bad, the Braves are mulling a Daniel Castro call-up, according to Mark Bowman.

The Braves might not make a rash decision this early in the season. But after watching Aybar struggle with his footwork and make a few errant throws to throws to first base through the first four games, they are at least contemplating making a change within the near future.

I guess Aybar isn’t making the Braves better, as predicted by Coppy.

“You can make an argument that we are actually a team that can win more games with Aybar,” Coppolella said. “Aybar is a career .276 hitter; Simmons has never hit .276 in a full season. Aybar’s a switch-hitter, 18 months back an All-Star, he can hit (first or second in the order) for you. I mean, Aybar’s a really good player. The fact that we got two huge-upside arms is great, but as far as for 2016, I don’t think that’s a big step back for this Braves team.”

The Braves may be on the right track but thus far Arizona GM Dave Stewart deserves as much credit for the rebuild as Coppy.


2 thoughts on “#Braves already contemplating a change at SS

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  1. With all these of young pitchers, it’s imperative to have a good glove as SS. We had the best shortstop of all time under a long term deal and Coppy started shopping him like someone hawking stereo equipment out of the back of a van. Several hours before the trade was made, the Braves were trying to sell him to the Mets. They were looking for any taker.

    Fuck this organization.

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