The silver anniversary of #Braves nirvana: One game says a lot

A recurring series celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ’91 Braves.

After losing the season’s first two games at home to the Dodgers and nearly blowing a six-run lead to secure their first win, the Braves broke out in the finale of an abbreviated series against the defending world champion Reds, 12-1.

It’s interesting to note Tom Glavine opened the year as the Braves’ 4th starter. He was coming off a disappointing performance in 1990, allowing 232 hits and walking 78 in 214-1/3 IP, and struggled in the spring. But Glavine was sharp against the Reds, allowing one run and striking out six in 6 IP, and he never looked back.

The game also marked Otis Nixon’s first start as a Brave. Acquired a week earlier for catcher Jimmy Kremers, Otis was viewed as a bit part, a 32-year-old journeyman who could run but couldn’t hit. He reached base three times against the Reds and stole two bases. The Braves would rank 3rd in steals in 1991 after finishing last in SBs in the NL the year before.




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