Open Thread, 4.6, The Bud Era Begins

Fingers crossed.

Bud Norris in a lot of ways symbolizes where the franchise stands. He defines mediocrity (56-68, 4.44 ERA for his career). He’s exactly the sort of filler teams pluck from the scrap heap when they’re rebuilding.

Bud had a decent season in 2014. But if that was his Caddyshack, then 2015 was his Caddyshack II. Dreadful. Sadly, his spring performance — 6+ ERA, 1.5 WHIP — was more Jackie Mason than Rodney Dangerfield.

But one never knows. Strasburg has had his problems against Los Bravos. And it’s probably going to rain at some point tonight, so maybe he’ll beg out of the game if it sprinkles.

The home nine will do something tonight that was rare last season: Fredi will trot out the same starting eight in consecutive games.

Inciarte, Aybar, Freddie, Adonis, Markakis, Olivera, Pierzynski, Peterson, and Bud.




4 thoughts on “Open Thread, 4.6, The Bud Era Begins

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  1. You’ve got to love a scoring system that penalizes a 1B who throws a laser to get a guy at home, which is whiffed on by the “Catcher.”

  2. Yeah. AJ has forgotten how to catch a ball coming from more than 60 feet away. He makes either play, the Bravos are probably 2-0.

  3. Rather, if he makes those plays the Braves are 2-0. I think the scoring is up to the official scorer.

  4. Yeah. You see that from time to time (a guy who does his job is still held to blame for something going awry in the field.) It blows but it’s part of the system.

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