Opening Day 2016 Open Thread

It’s a stretch to call today’s debut eagerly anticipated, what with a dismal season likely before us. Still, it’s baseball, it’s opening day, the sun is shining and it’ll be 70 degrees.

Fun, or perhaps not so fun fact: Julio T. is the only Brave starting in the same lineup spot as last opening day. Another opening day nugget:

Adonis will be today’s cleanup hitter. Might he be the worst season-opening cleanup man in Atlanta history? True, he’s essentially a 30-year-old minor league journeyman. Not typically what you like in a key middle-of-the-order spot. Keep in mind, though, that the home team had none other than Chris Johnson hitting cleanup in the 2014 opener and Dan Uggla in 2012.

Adonis is a sure bet to out-produce 1990 opening-day cleanup man Nick Esasky. One RBI will do it. Esasky, of course, was the biggest free agent bust in Braves, maybe baseball history. He played nine games, got dizzy and called it a career.

The rest of our heroes starting nine: Inciarte, Aybar, Freddie, AG, Markakis, Olivera, Pierzynski, Peterson, Julio.





3 thoughts on “Opening Day 2016 Open Thread

  1. AJP looked like a horse who needs to be out in a pasture with an old straw hot on and 3 year olds riding on him.

  2. And Beckham looked like a guy they plucked out of the stands to play a few innings.

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