The silver anniversary of #Braves nirvana: Where Will Bo Go?

A recurring series celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ā€™91 Braves.

Two weeks before Opening Day 1991, the Braves still had plenty of unanswered questions.

From The AJC archives:

Who will play shortstop? Who will be the closer? Will Deion Sanders start the season in Atlanta? Is outfielder Oddibe McDowell expendable? Can catcher Mike Heath be ready for the season? And on and on.

There were other concerns. Tom Glavine, who would win the Cy Young Award in ’91, was having a miserable spring. The Braves had yet to anoint a closer, with Stanton and Mercker the leading candidates. JS had tried, and failed, to obtain San Diego’s Greg Harris. And who would bat lead-off?

Bo Jackson, perhaps?

The Atlanta Braves declined to claim Bo Jackson on waivers but remain interested in the former Kansas City Royals star, who became a free agent Friday.

“In fact, ” said Braves general manager John Schuerholz, “Jackson becomes more attractive as a free agent.”

Schuerholz said he planned to talk with Jackson’s agent, Richard Woods, “pretty soon” about having the Braves’ doctors examine the player’s injured hip.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. The Braves opted for less sexy outfielder, guy by the name of Otis Nixon, acquired 48 hours before Opening Day.





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