Reality check

It’s not final, but this is likely to be the Braves’ rotation on Opening Day:

Teheran, Wisler, Norris, Chacin, W. Perez

Manny Banuelos couldn’t crack 90 MPH in his first outing. Aaron Blair has been inconsistent. And Folty has yet to pitch.

That rotation will face a brutal April schedule: two series against the Nats and one each against the Cards, Dodgers, Mets, Red Sox and Cubs.

It shapes up to be the worst opening month since 1990, when the Braves lost 13 of their first 15 games.


7 thoughts on “Reality check

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  1. Lol. Most depressing blogger out there. Every team has bad stretches. I’ll back whatever 5 we push out. Go Braves. This year or any year.

  2. im okay with that, long as come August its Teheran, Wisler, Blair, Newcomb, and maybe Sims.

  3. No, it doesn’t. The Braves tick me off all the time. But, considering Atlanta wasted a good portion of their success failing in much more stressful capacities’ I’d consider season like this easy on the tummy.

  4. And so far this spring, Norris has been pitching like he did last season. Which is the opposite of good.

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