Aybar, Markakis should be available to the highest bidder

If I was Coppy the call to Cards GM John Mozeliak would’ve already been placed. St. Louis is likely to be in the market for a shortstop after learning Jhonny Peralta will be sidelined for up to three months with a bum thumb.

Erick Aybar is a nice player who have zero impact on the 2016 Braves. He’s a free agent after the season and there’s zero chance he’s re-signed. Yes, watching Daniel Castro or Gordon Beckham man shortstop wold be painful but temporary.

Aybar isn’t the only Brave who belongs on the trading block. Baltimore apparently is interested in a reunion with Nick Markakis but, according to Peter Gammons, the Bravos aren’t listening.

Which makes zero sense. He’s still owed $33 million over three years and at the moment seems destined to block Mallex Smith. That may not be an issue if Hector Olivera is a bust but the Braves are going to be very patient with the Cuban import considering their investment.

Aybar and Markakis won’t fetch premium prospects but should net some useful parts. Hopefully neither player is wearing a Braves uniform come August.


4 thoughts on “Aybar, Markakis should be available to the highest bidder

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  1. I completely agree about Aybar. But I want Markakis around. I don’t want to see Frenchy take back RF.

  2. I’d also like to keep Markakis around, even if it’s just so the Braves are watchable. He’s actually a bargain at 11 mil with his production. He is as consistent as it gets, which is so
    Etching the Braves need. Olivera will end up at 3rd or on the bench opening up a spot for Mallex by mid season I’d guess.

  3. CB, I’d love to think that but don’t forget who is making out the lineup card.

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