#Braves, fans may have forgotten Francoeur’s entitlement act, but Rowland hasn’t

If he makes the team, and I fear he will, Jeff Francoeur will likely be greeted with a bigger ovation than any of his Brave teammates.

Are Braves fans really that stupid? Unfortunately, a lot of them are.

Forget that Francoeur was responsible for some of the worst AB’s of any Brave not named Rick Camp. He’s a great teammate, we’re told, a high character guy with a great make-up.

Maybe he’s been humbled, but as a Brave Francoeur generally acted like an entitled brat who never took responsibility for being bad at baseball.

Following his demotion to the minors in 2008, the Lilburn Flash in the Pan told the AJC, “This has really put a damper on my relationship with the Atlanta Braves.

“I love playing for the city, I love playing for the fans and always have,” said Francoeur, a graduate of Parkview High School in Lilburn. “But I’m disappointed with the decision and how the whole process went down.”

He was batting .234 at the time with a .198 BA with RISP.

A year later, as his struggles continued, we learned that Francoeur had sought help from Texas Rangers batting coach Rudy Jaramillo.

Asked about his relationship with Terry Pendleton, the Braves’ hitting instructor at the time, Francoeur said,“We’ve talked about it. We’re working together now. I really can’t say much. It is what it is.”

During TP’s tenure, the Braves posted team batting averages at or above .270 five times and, in his last year, had the best OBP in the NL.

In 2010, Francoeuer, then with the Mets, claimed the Braves never taught him how to steal bases.

While it’s true the Braves were a pretty plodding bunch back then, Bobby received undue blame.  In 2000, for instance, six Braves reached double figures in steals and four, including Andruw, topped 20.






8 thoughts on “#Braves, fans may have forgotten Francoeur’s entitlement act, but Rowland hasn’t

  1. I think it’s a bit unfair to assume that somebody hasn’t grown as a person in 8 years. I’m the same age as Jeff (I went to high school with him, even), and I’m a completely different person than I was in 2008. In his last two years as a Brave he was precocious, arrogant and a bad player. However, that was a long time ago and we should give him a chance.

    (I don’t necessarily have high hopes on the playing front, though)

  2. I still don’t understand why there was no way we could’ve re-signed Jason Heyward. Was it so that we could play retreads like Francoeur and Swisher? Of all the ridiculous contracts this franchise has signed going back to the days of Hrabosky, we decided to draw the line on the only player we had that might’ve caused fans to come to the game just to see him play. I don’t trust this team–the ownership,the manager, the players, any of them. And the entire marketing push to enjoy the final year at Turner Field is insulting, too. It was easier to be a Braves fan when John Mullen was in charge.

  3. Just a bone thrown to the fiddler-guy crowd to fill some seats during Turner Field’s swan song season.

  4. Good point Rob; i’ll actually be looking forward to catching some games without having that atrocity present.

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