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  1. bradkomminskwastedyouth says:

    I see why I am not considered a blunder per se, yet my absence on this list is noteworthy.

    Also: a post this depressing is Un-American for today. At least wait until Smoltzie clinches the pennant for the Red Sox…

  2. clete boyer fan says:

    Even though the Hrabosky signing was a bust, the Sutter signing was much more hurtful to the Braves. In fact, the Sutter signing led to a blunder that didn’t make the list.

    With Sutter in the fold, Eddie Haas decided that reliever Steve Bedrosian would be more useful as a starter. The result of this was that Sutter had an off year, Haas resigned/was fired in August, and Bedrosian became the first pitcher in history to throw 200 innings and not pitch a complete game. Feeling that Sutter would make a comeback, Bedrock and a young underused reserve OF Milt Thompson, were traded to Philly for Pete Smith and the beloved Ozzie Virgil. Two years later, Bedrosian wins the Cy Young. Thompson was never a star but he was definitely a more useful player than the Dion James, Albert Halls, and Terry Blockers who helped to populate the Braves outfield until 1990.

    Oh, and Pepitone? He wasn’t released, hairpiece boy skipped the team within a week after he finally reported. A couple of weeks later, he’d signed to play in Japan.

  3. The Dye for Tucker/Lockhart swap was another contender. Sutter was an understandable blunder, as he was the game’s most dominant closer at the time. Would’ve been like signing Mariano Rivera five years ago — a no-brainer. But the reprecussions were definitely severe.

  4. JGraham says:

    Jeez, that’s been three years already? Ten years from now, it’s going to be interesting to see how many All-Star games have been accumulated by players we gave up in the Teishowmethemoney trade. I’ll put the over/under at five.

  5. PepeFreeUs says:

    Sain was a fine pitching coach for several teams and his principles were the basis of Leo’s wildly successful program but he was just fucking poison to our team in the mid-80’s. He and that tumor Haas misjudged Bedrosian (who could never pace himself as a starter, something a five year old Uzbekh could have seen), thought Ken Daley was swell and completely undid all of Gibson’s good work with Pascual Perez.

    In the whole time I’ve been a Braves fan, ’85 hurt the worst of any year, even over ’88.

  6. PepeFreeUs says:

    I’ll take “Over”

    Andrus is going to be a perennial AS, all by himself.

  7. rankinrob says:

    This post has given me a rash. I think the Texeira trade will prove to be the worst, although we might’ve won another World Series if we’d kept Justice on the roster. All he did was get clutch post-season hits. Who needed that around?

  8. clete boyer fan says:

    Pepe, you mentioned Ken Dayley. Remember, the fact that the powers that be wanted him to have a spot in the rotation was given as one of the reasons for dumping Phil Niekro. So what happens? The “over the hill” Knucksie wins 32 games in ’84 and ’85, and the powers that be give up on Dayley, sending him down to Richmond before sending him to St Louis in the middle of ’84 for the beloved Ken Oberkfell. And then Dayley turns around and becomes a good middle reliever for the Cards while we’re stuck with the Ackers and Dedmons of the world.

  9. PepeFreeUs says:

    Yeah, I remember that all too well. I doubt he would have done the same thing here, largely because they seemed hell-bent on having him be a starter or bust, like Steve.

    It’s probably not fair, but his lackluster performance and eventual role in getting us stuck with that fat fuzzy twat Oberkfell, especially as Phil was thumbing his nose at our management by putting in those years in NYC, have always made me dislike Daley.

  10. atlpaddy says:

    At least everyone can agree that Joe Pepitone’s hair sure is dreamy.

  11. Randy says:

    These are some bad moments, I would actually rate the Butler/Jacoby trade the worst, with possibly the Tex debacle over taking it eventually, but I agree with Pepe, I have been a Braves fan for 40 years but the only time I was embarrassed to be a Brave fan was when Haas was managing. Brutal just to think about it.

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