Analytics and politics

Anyone else notice how our political divide mirrors the split between baseball’s old school and the analytics crowd?

Ideological purity matters above all, with no greater sin than compromise.

It’s an intellectual construct that leads one to argue that hits are irrelevant or that a pitcher’s win total is the best way to measure their performance.

Or to deny climate change is man-made. Or claim Islamic fundamentalism is no more a threat than Buddhist extremism.


8 thoughts on “Analytics and politics

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  1. Wow I never knew that Ben Duronio was such a fool. By that standard Ozzie Smith isn’t a ha of famer

  2. The Braves have traded everyone who wouldn’t catch Chipper’s first pitch after he picked the Dodgers to win the playoff series, and now he’s back with the team. Fredi better watch his back — I once saw that egg-suckin’ drunken Wahoo MacDaniels come into the territory all lovey-dovey and then stomp on Ricky Steamboat from behind.

  3. Yup…small-minded inflexible imbeciles on both sides, but as it is in most situations, the truth lies somewhere in between.

  4. If climate change is man-made, why did it change so much before man was around? Why is there no warming over the past 18 years when CO2 emissions are up 25%? How could the warming “pause”?

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