Best matches for Shelby now “out of the mix”

The Cubs and Diamondbacks are out, reports Ken Rosenthal. The Cubs seeed to be a particularly good match, with Jorge Soler and catching prospect Willson Contreras filling major needs for the Braves. They appeared near a deal last night, supposedly involving strikeout machine Javier Baez, so I’m glad that one was nixed. (Besides, I thought “the plan” involved contact hitters; Baez has 119 Ks in 298 big league at-bats.)

As CD speculates, Coppy will probably settle for the Dodgers’ 4th best pitching prospect.

My guess they don’t trade him, claiming it as a proof they’re trying to win now. But that’s both dishonest and delusional because they’re not going to win now, or next year, and maybe not the next — Shelby’s last before free agency.

It sucks having zero confidence in your front office. But here we are.


8 thoughts on “Best matches for Shelby now “out of the mix”

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  1. Wow; Arizona is going to have a nice rotation next year with both Greinke and Miller at the top.

    What do you know about Swanson, other than being with Vandy at the CWS last year? Is he anywhere near as good as Andrelton?

  2. The first pick in last years draft who has the potential to be an elite player. A CF who hits for average and good defensive skills and controllable for 5 years and another top 100 prospect in all of baseball for Shelby Miller. If that’s drinking coo laid lets hope I get another couple glasses this week.

  3. Look at it this way. They took one year of Jason Heyward who they couldnt resign and turned it into:
    Tyrell Jenkins (our minor league pitcher of the year)
    5 years of Ender Inciarte who hit 303. last year and had a 3 WAR
    Dansby Swanson SS the number one pick in last years draft who can be the face of the franchise.
    Aaron Blair who was the DB 1st round pick in 2013 and who can step into the rotation some time this year. Top 100 prospect.

    They are smarter than us. It’s ok to admit it. I had doubts early on too. This was a great trade no matter how you look at it.

  4. We’ll see how it pans out. Prospects are only prospects. Even first overall picks.

    Just ask Brien Taylor, David Clyde, Bryan Bullington and Matt Bush how their careers turned out.

  5. Jon’s exactly right: nice prospects, but any minor league pitcher is a lottery ticket.

    You don’t trade the greatest fielding shortstop who ever lived for a lottery ticket. That’s just stupid. And then lie about how you went about it is not bright either.

    And I’m sorry, but building a ballpark without access to public transportation or even to the damned parking lot is not a smarter thing than what I would do.

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