Schuerholz needs to retire

“They thought, as of Thursday, that they had the foundation for a Shelby Miller deal. All of the sudden the Braves seemed to be saying we are not trading Shelby Miller,” Gammons said. “Why were they going a long way with certain other organizations on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? That is a little bit of an unstable situation out there in Atlanta. I think it’s still a possibility but at the same time I’m a little confused by, yeah he’s out there and the next day, no he’s not out there.”

Unstable and incompetent. The Braves rebuild is a mess, and the timing couldn’t be worse. The blame lies primarily with the man who is rapidly destroying the franchise he helped rebuild 25 years ago.

Since assuming the presidency of the Braves, JS has hired Frank Wren, Fredi Gonzalez, John Hart and promoted Coppy. Wren left the farm system in shambles, something JS seemed not to recognize until it was too late. Fredi is clearly overmatched, and the game has passed Hart by — not surprising since he had been out of the business for more than a decade. And It’s taken only a month to conclude that Coppy is ill-suited to be a GM.

Meanwhile, the move to Cobb has been handled with JS’ characteristic arrogance, turning off a sizable percentage of Braves country. I’ve been a loyal fan for nearly 40 years and I’ve never had less confidence in the hierarchy. Moreover, I don’t much care for them.

I don’t like the management, the broadcasters, the game-day atmosphere — nothing.

While JS once deserved credit for making the Braves relevant, he now deserves blame for turning them into a bland, corporatized joke.

Keep fiddling, John, but just know that when you lose the likes of the Office, you’re in big trouble.


8 thoughts on “Schuerholz needs to retire

  1. He’s been promoted beyond his abilities, which were always overrated. He got too much credit for the good years; Cox and Snyder received too little.

  2. “I don’t like the management, the broadcasters, the game-day atmosphere — nothing.”

    Yup. I’m right there with you.

  3. But hey, you’ll soon get to see the team play in a strip mall and enjoy the existential thrill of walking across several lanes of freeway to get there! What’s not to like?

  4. It’s pretty frustrating when the Dbacks, a team the Braves have consistently outdrawn at the gate over the past decade, is signing free agents for $30-plus million a year while the Bravos are trading 25-year-old defensive stars making $6 million a year. Coppy, why did we trade one of our top position prospects and a decent starting pitcher for a 30-plus third baseman…oops…left fielder who’s proven precisely nothing in the bigs and is due as much or more money than Simmons? Why did we sign Markakis again? Why did you just spend several million dollars on a guy, Jim Johnson, who posted a 10 ERA down the stretch, one of the worst starters in MLB last year, and a utility infielder who’s put up BJ numbers the past few seasons? Pedro Ciriaco couldn’t hit .209?

    And Derek Schiller, it’s good to know that AAA baseball in Cobb County is going to be a huge boost for the entire Atlanta region! Never mind that economic research overwhelmingly shows that pro sports do little to boost local economies. People would spend their money elsewhere if teams moved.

    The Braves brass is not just incompetent, thin-skinned and tone deaf, they’re a bunch of liars. We’re not rebuilding. We’re not tanking. Our new mallpark will have us rolling in dough. But we need to give away Maybin and Simmons and Freeman if his wrist were healthy. In these circumstances, they should trade Miller — since there’s no way they re-sign him in three years for big money — but they bungled a deal. Nothing like alienating other front offices when you’ll need more trades to add a smidge of offense.

    But, hey, let’s all flock to the yard next year to celebrate the final year of historic Turner Field before we head up the Connector to meet our pal, the shameless disgrace of a yayhoo politico Tim Lee. JS thinks attendance will rise next year because of nostalgia for Turner Field. He’s either blatantly lying or utterly clueless about his own fan base.

    The Ted. Ah, the memories. Most of my best ones either didn’t even happen during a game — Henry Louis Aaron and Glavine bringing in home plate from FulCo at opening night in 1997–happened on an Opening Day (J-Hey’s first-at-bat homer), or in a postseason game the Braves, of course, lost (Hinske’s homer).

    This Liberty Media-owned outfit doesn’t deserve our money. I’ll continue to cheer for the Braves, and I don’t blame the players for any of this. It’s painful to see a team I’ve loved for nearly 50 years run in such a cynical fashion.

  5. Finally the curtain has been pulled back on the cranky wizard … The author of Built to Win has no clue when a franchise needs to be re-built. This stadium fiasco – and don’t get me wrong, Mayor Reed was caught looking with no plausible plan for bringing any life to the Turner Field apron – has the potential to be one of the most egregious real estate flops in MLB history. I want to go,to a freaking ball game — not have a wildly overpriced steak dinner before hand and hang around clubbing after the 27th out. Keep the heat up, Rowland!!!??

  6. I agree with about 95% of this, comments included, but Cox is in this mix, too. He’s far more a part of the problem than of the solution.

  7. The Shelby trade was the best they’ve made. Excellent job, Coppy and John. I still don’t understand trading for Olivera, dealing Simmons and signing Markakis, though.

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