What if the #Braves hadn’t traded for Olivera?

Crasnick doubts the Braves will trade Miller, which is dumb because his value will likely never be higher.

Soler is the kind of young, controllable bat who makes a lot more sense than Olivera ever did. Keeping Wood would’ve made it easier to deal Miller, and you’d still have Peraza to play second base or SS.

Think of it this way: Miller and Olivera for Wood, Peraza and Soler.

Unfortunately, the Braves way is trade today, plan tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “What if the #Braves hadn’t traded for Olivera?

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  1. It’s becoming more and more of a millstone.

    Looking back, it was the first clear sign that they didn’t know what the hell they were doing and didn’t seem to care.

  2. What concerns me is that although the Braves have so far been insistent about receiving top-level talent back for Miller — talks with the Rays seem to have started (and ended) with A.J. Pollock — should their lofty demands continue to be unmet, they’ll trade him for second-line talent. Unfortunately, other teams have already noticed this tendency by Braves management and know that if they show patience, the Braves will become desperate to move Miller and will take far less than his market value. Which is pretty much what the team did in the Simmons deal.

    And it’s become obvious that the Braves drastically overestimated Olivera’s value. Which might not bother me had they not thrown in Peraza in the deal. As things stand now, the Braves will have a below-average, 30+-year-old player in all but two lineup positions. Helluva youth movement you’ve got there Coppy.

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