Coppy wastes #Braves meager budget on meager talents

With a reported $15 million left in the budget, Coppy has spent nearly half — $6.25 million — on:

  • Bud Norris: 6.72 ERA, 1.578 WHIP in 2015
  • Gordon Beckham: .618, .617 OPS in 2014/15
  • Jim Johnson: 8.75 ERA, 1.859 WHIP in second half last season

He’s trying to spend the rest , and then some, on a 33-year-old reliever.




  1. For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone cares about his pack of losers anymore; clearly their owners don’t

  2. I was included in the Andrelton trade as a FTBNL.
    Coppy got back a couple of glow sticks to hand out to the people crossing interstate traffic to get to the new stadium.

  3. If Rube Goldberg had taken peyote, he could’ve made a run at mapping out this FO’s plan.

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