A trade the #Braves need to make

Acquiring the young, controllable bats so desperately needed won’t be easy. To quote Coppy, if the chance to get a potential impact player arises, the Braves must “take that plunge.”

If that means trading Shelby Miller, so be it. There’s plenty of interest, and one of the reported suitors would be an excellent match: the Cubs.

Here’s my offer:

Miller and Bethancourt for Jorge Soler and catching prospect Willson Contreras.

Soler didn’t have the breakout season expected after he slugged .903 in 24 games. as a rookie in 2014. He slugged only .399 in 2015, striking out 121 times in 101 games — the first time he played more than 100 in a season.

So he’s no sure thing. But the potential is immense, as he demonstrated in the playoffs, batting .474 with 3 HR.

Contreras had never shown much with the bat until last year, adopting a more selective approach that paid huge dividends: .333-8-75, with a .413 OBP.

Next year’s free agent class is thin,  so the Braves can’t afford to pass up any opportunity to add offense.


2 thoughts on “A trade the #Braves need to make

  1. Excuse me, but Miller is a proven, front-to-middle-of-the-rotation MLB pitcher who is only 25 and under team control for three more seasons. He’s exactly the sort of guy you don’t trade, or, if you do, you get more than two prospects for him. But the team’s willingness to shop Miller underscores the senselessness of its strategy. If they’re planning to strip the everyday lineup, without regard to the player’s value, so they can invest everything in pitching. so they flip those pitchers, without regard to the pitcher’s value, for everyday players, they will never escape the grave Frank Wren dug.

  2. But hey, the Braves signed Bud Norris, who’s not at all like Eric Stults! And with a veteran presence like his in the rotation, they can now feel comfortable in trading Miller AND Teherán for middling pitching prospects. Whereas I can appreciate sticking with a strategy, it’d help if the strategy was sound. And despite what the front office may say, the real through-line in these deals is to dump every player to whom the Braves are financially obligated, whether it’s because of a long-term deal (Teherán) or arbitration (Miller). I don’t think Coppy & Co. are so dim as to not be able to identify the players around whom to build the club, they are just too concerned about their paychecks to admit what they’re doing.

    I wish the mystery Cobb County Internet billionaire would go ahead and buy the club. Ownership by public corporations has been detrimental to every franchise that has suffered through it, but Liberty Media’s taking a perennial playoff contender and reducing it to subexpansion team capability in a few short years is breathtaking in its disregard for the fan base.

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