Name that Cobb Internet mogul

Plenty of buzz generated by this item in The Marietta Daily Journal:

Recent back-fence talk describes the same scenario that circulated a couple years ago — current owner Liberty Media selling to an Internet mogul with strong ties to Cobb County.

Around Town first reported talk of a possible sale in September 2013 — prior to the announcement of the Braves move to Cobb County.

At the same time the rumor mill was churning, Liberty Media earlier this month announced plans to reclassify its common stock into three new tracking stock groups, one to be designated as the Liberty Braves Group, one to be designated as the Liberty Media Group and one to be designated as the Liberty Sirius Group, seemingly separating the Braves interests from other holdings.

This is potentially great news, particularly the part about the prospective owner having strong ties to Atlanta, er, Cobb County.

But I wouldn’t celebrate just yet. If I had a billion dollars to spend on a ball team I’m not sure I’d want to sink it into the Braves, what with all the uncertainties surrounding parking and traffic at the new mixed-use development/baseball stadium.

Those are potentially major issues, especially given the current state of the team. The current hierarchy doesn’t seem to understand the market, one filled with fickle front-runners unlikely to battle the clusterfuck surrounding the new park — “grand franchise” or not.


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