According to Coppy, trading Maybin confirms #Braves tanking

“If we were trying to tank, we would have traded Maybin at the deadline last year, and we had plenty of offers.”

Maybin was traded today for Ian Krol (think Ross Detweiler) and a fringe pitching prospect. So I guess that means the Braves are tanking.

And so far they’re not very good at it. No doubt Maybin would’ve brought a back a heftier return had he been traded after his surprisingly productive first half.

But they couldn’t trade him then because they weren’t tanking, says Coppy, who’s as bad at lying as he is making trades.



5 thoughts on “According to Coppy, trading Maybin confirms #Braves tanking

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  1. So this just proves that he doesn’t know what he’s doing then…I would have preferred him traded last year if they had “so many” offers, as I’m sure any of those would have brought us a better return than what they got with this trade.

    Since it’s been bad news after bad news here, I’d like to pose a hypothetical to our Office supervisors – if Coppy were to trade Fredi Gonzalez for a decent manager, how would that change your perspective of him? I kid, but it’s fun to think about… 🙂

  2. Now that I think about it though, I’m sure if Coppy did trade FG that we would end up with someone like Bobby Valentine…

  3. Just for the record, I really like the new layout. Much easier to find previous posts and read them in order, plus just more aesthetically pleasing.

  4. I hope these pitchers the Braves keep getting can play a position too. I’m at a total loss as to what the Braves are doing.

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