Coppy needs a safe space

The Braves have long had a tin ear when it comes to public relations. When they announced the move to Cobb County, they didn’t even acknowledge their 50 years in Atlanta, acting as if the team was relocating across the street.

It’s been especially true in the GM’s office. John Schuerholz refused to understand the frustration felt by the fan base whenever “this grand franchise” would collapse in October. We were lucky to have them, but that’s not something you want to hear after watching the Cubs celebrating a playoff victory at Turner Field. 

His replacement, Frank Wren, was, to put it bluntly, a dick. He almost ran Bobby off and treated Smoltzie and Glavine as if they were John Thomson and Mark Redman.

Now Coppy is whining about the backlash that has accompanied the trade of Andrelton Simmons.

“I’m getting so tired of this. If guys want to take shots, or (degrade) us, fine. But let’s let it play out for a few years before we start (brandishing) our pitchforks and torches. I feel in my heart this is the best for the Braves.”

“We’re not afraid of the criticism and taking the risk, but we’re tired of it.”

Boo fucking hoo. If he didn’t want to face criticism he should’ve stayed behind your computer. It’s part of the job.

Andrelton was beloved. Coppy is the squeaky voiced teen from “The Simpsons.” Faith is earned and he hasn’t earned it.

Until then, grow up and grow a pair.

And stop making stupid trades.



5 thoughts on “Coppy needs a safe space

  1. Good post.

    Jeff Passan and Rosenthal were both reporting that Freeman was being actively shopped. Passan wrote that the Freeman to Houston talks ended abruptly because of the Simmons backlash. So, (1) the Johns don’t know what they’re doing to be surprised by the season ticket holders’ reaction to the Simmons trade and then accordingly lurch from their chosen course; (2) they’re fucking lying, and (3) when you’re trading a guy at the bottom of his value — note the wrist injury — then you’re in a fire sale.

    If there was any justice in the world, this twerp would be traded himself, preferably for two minor league pitchers coming off of TJ surgery and a bucket of baseballs.

  2. Saw an article today about the Braves also trying to trade Shelby Miller to the D-Backs for Pollock – that’s a trade that I’d be okay with had they kept Simmons. There, you hope the minor league pitchers pan out and become solid starters, and you also have a decent defensive/offensive core to build around.

    Arizona rightly declined that trade however.

  3. Gee, wasn’t it about a week ago when Coppy said he wasn’t looking to trade Maybin. If PeeWee Herman had a baby with Dick Nixon, it would be Coppy.

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