Dead at 29

Tommy Hanson, pronounced dead Monday of catastrophic organ failure,  had 10 wins and a 2.44 ERA through 17 starts in the 2011 season, his third with the Braves. If you had asked me then where Hanson would be today I would’ve probably guessed New York or Los Angeles or some other big-market team that could afford his special talent. Certainly not Atlanta.

But a bum shoulder derailed those expectations. Hanson was traded to Anaheim, where he struggled mightily in 2013. That year was made tougher by the sudden death of his stepbrother. Hanson pitched in the White Sox and Giants organizations the last two years but was unable to make it back to the majors.

He was supposed to be in his prime, having just turned 29 years old.

Just a sad, sad story.


8 thoughts on “Dead at 29

  1. “Catastrophic organ failure” sounds like a heroin overdose. If so, Hanson is one of many, many young people to fall victim to the heroin resurgence of the past several years.

  2. 61 Atlanta braves now playing ball above us ( 3rd this year) he would still be a brave if it wasn’t scott boras taking nonsense on $$$ ( even though had some lengthy stays on the DL as a bravo) and thus bravos reacted and dealt him

  3. His pitching motion always screamed arm problems to me. Great first year and a half in the bigs, followed by a difficult and finally fatal decline into a post-athletic life. R.I.P. Big Red.

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