#Braves execs invite more ridicule

From a Braves press release:

Throughout the 2016 season, the Atlanta Braves will be celebrating the memories and moments that made the last two decades at Turner Field such a storied part of Braves history. The Final Season at Turner Field will be commemorated with a special jersey patch, pregame ceremonies, limited-edition gate giveaways and more. …

At the heart of the Final Season will be the stories and memories of the fans, season ticket holders, players, coaches, staff and more that made Turner Field their home over the last twenty years. The Braves want to hear every Turner Field story and will collect and celebrate these moments – no matter how big or small – in stadium, on the website and in other ways this season.

In addition, the Braves will hold commemorative pregame ceremonies during the season, and host a home game countdown that features special guests tearing away the numbers from 81-0.

Which Turner Field memories will be celebrated? Obnoxious Red Sox fans takeover the park day? The 5th anniversary of the Chick-fil-A cow? Celebrating the beloved fake fiddler on the roof? Re-living the nine times visiting teams clinched a postseason series? Gone with the Wind Night, Part II?

Old Commiskey Park warranted a farewell patch. And Atlanta deserves better than a patch remembering 20 of the 50 years the Braves called the city home.

The team, of course, seems oblivious to the resentment they’ve fostered among a large segment of the fan base. Either that, or they just don’t give a damn.


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