Patriotism for a price

The Department of Defense paid the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Falcons more money than any other Major League Baseball or National Football Leagueteam, USA Today reported Wednesday.

According to the paper, the Braves scored $450,000 and the Falcons landed $879,000 to “stage ‘paid patriotism’ events” from the Pentagon.


2 thoughts on “Patriotism for a price

  1. Well that would certainly explain why such events seem so fake. I remember how “God Bless America” was added to the 7th-inning stretch festivities after 9/11 in solidarity with New York fans, but then remained long after it had lost its initial meaning because no team wants to risk allegations of anti-patriotism for dumping it. Now it’s become an exercise in vapid, knee-jerk jingoism, and I refuse to participate. (But then, I lustily booed George H.W. Bush one year when, as president, he threw out the first pitch at the Rangers home opener.) But as a song, “God Bless America” is pretty dreadful. I mean, really Irving. Rhyming “foam” with “home?” Couldn’t you have polished that one a bit?

  2. This one didn’t surprise me one bit either; our corporate overlords probably happily cashed those checks knowing that the fans were none the wiser of the agreements. I always assumed that this was something that teams did on their own to honor local vets and whatnot, so this makes it much more upsetting because it’s clear that they wouldn’t have given a shit if they weren’t being paid for it. And it’s not that I don’t agree that money shouldn’t have been spent on returning vets; with the problems that the VA has been having recently though I’m sure that they would have benefited much more from those millions than than some billionaire sports franchise owners.

    I would be really curious to know if there were any team owners that turned this money from DoD down and paid for tributes out of their own pockets.

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