Voices of the #Braves stiffed again

Skip, Pete and Ernie aren’t even finalists for this year’s Ford Frick Award. I haven’t heard of any of the broadcasters who are.

What a farce.


3 thoughts on “Voices of the #Braves stiffed again

  1. I did a research paper way back in high school on early radio and I remember a couple of these names, but how could you really have an objective vote on something like this without actually hearing them?

  2. Looks like this year’s ballot is intended to honor somebody who was doing radio play-by-play back when radio was a big deal. Most of these guys were no longer broadcasting games by the early 1950s, and Al Helfer is the nominee who was the most recently active, having last called a game in 1969. Guess the HoF caught flack for giving the most recent award to Dick Enberg for his colorless ubiquity.

  3. Any ballot without one of the trio is automatically a joke. This is a complete and utter farce. Almost like it was designed to dovetail with their seemingly endless quest to find more players who never played in an integrated game to elect.

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