Stat du jour , Yogi vs. Uggla

In a career that spanned 2,120 games, Yogi Berra struck out 414 times.

Dan Uggla struck out 535 times in 499 games as a Brave.

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One thought on “Stat du jour , Yogi vs. Uggla

  1. One time, a major league player who played throughout the 70’s (and seldom struck out) was hanging out with me in my office while he was waiting for someone. Somehow I got onto the subject of people striking out too much. I went into a full-fledged rant about how Jim Rice could choke up two inches with two strikes and still hit a ball over 400 feet, how even I could at least make contact when I played local fast pitch softball (as bad as I was), and the player jumped right in with his identical views. Two prophets crying in the wilderness!

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