Open thread, 9.21.95, #Braves vs. the Dave Telgheders

Ho-hum, another day at the office for Mad Dog. In pushing the eventual World Series champs’ record to 86-50, Maddux scattered five hits through 8 at Shea, then turned it over to Wohlers for the save. The victory ran to 18-2 the record of the the greatest pitcher of his generation.

Chipper–it was Shea, after all–doubled in a pair in the third for all the offense Doggie would need. And Maddux scored one of those runs after he doubled.

The lineup that evening in Flushing: Grissom, Lemke, Chipper McGriff, Justice, Dwight Smith, Charlie O’Brien, Blauser, Maddux.

Tonight’s order, also at the home of the Metropolitans: Bourn RF, Castro 2B, Freeman, Garcia 3B (I guess the pearl of our trade class can’t hit lefties), Pierzynski, Swisher, Maybin, Simmons, Miller.



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