In case you were looking forward to 2017 …

The Braves should be better when they move to the new stadium, though I’m not convinced they’ll be contenders. Not that it’ll matter, because, after a long, torturous slog though rush hour traffic, you’ll have the pleasure of navigating an eight-lane highway not suited for pedestrians. Vice has a depressing summary of the mess to come.

Liberty will probably be looking to sell by then, capitalizing on the short-term gains of their shiny new mixed-use development. Once again, the Braves, and their fans, will get the shaft, just as we did when Time Warner negotiated the pitiable TV contract that benefited the media conglomerate at the ballclub’s expense.

But hey, at least we can enjoy dogs eating food off Paul Byrd’s head.


3 thoughts on “In case you were looking forward to 2017 …

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  1. The spousal unit and I are planning to catch a game at the Ted next season before it is no more, but good lord, the suburban stadium sounds like a complete clusterfuck. Thank you Liberty Media, and thank you Bud Selig for making it all possible! The family of the first fan killed trying to cross an 8-lane freeway to get to the game should sue the shit out of Liberty Media, MLB and the used car salesman.

  2. From what I understand, there’s a temporary underpass to cross until the bridge is constructed. Does anyone know about this? How long is the walk from the lot to the underpass? And where is one walking exactly?

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