Open Thread, 9/17/77, #Braves vs. the Future Carpets of Dalton Pitchman

Coming off a seven-game homestand that drew a TOTAL of 22,791 souls, the 56-92 Bravos faced future Braves color man Don Sutton and the first-place Dodgers in Lala Land. Predictably, the Braves would lose that night, 7-3. Knucksie took the loss to drop to 15-18!

Jeff Burroughs hit his 39th homer off Sutton. Tonight’s Braves lineup has a combined 48 homers.

The starting lineup 38 years ago: Royster, Rowland, Burroughs, Montanez, Murph, Bonnell, Rockett, Niekro.

Better lineup than what this year’s Braves generally run out. The home team will try to win the season series against the likely AL East champs tonight. At worst, they’ll split it.

The lineup: Markakis, Olivera (finally back in there. Puzzling why Fredi sat him the first two games of this series), Freeman (who’s hitting .234 since the all star break), Pierzynski, Swisher, Maybin, Peterson, Simmons, Wisler.

While I’m typing, do any of you listen to the daily Braves report on 680 the Fan in Atlanta? It’s the flagship station. Next time the “beat reporter,” Kevin McAlpin, says something insightful, interesting or remotely newsworthy will be the first time. His signature lines: “No doubt about it, Chris.” “At the end of the day.” “These guys just keep grinding.” “Veteran leaders like….” And, echoing Fredi, “You know what?”

The reason the Braves young players have adjusted so well to life in the Bigs, McAlpin tells us at least three or four times a week, is because of the wise counsel from the usual old guys. Which, obviously, begs the question of who these young players are who’ve adjusted so well. Many of them might indeed be comfortable in the clubhouse and the team hotel, but they damn sure have not played well. If you didn’t look at the standings and just listened to McAlpin every morning, you’d probably think the Braves were a .500 club, or a contender.

The guy’s atrocious. He might be a nice guy. I don’t know. But his milquetoast work is as interesting as watching Ross Detwiler throw 19 straight balls. The guy has averaged more than a walk and inning with the Braves. They released guys like Aardsma and Frasor who were not nearly as incompetent as this disgraceful southpaw. Back to the flagship station. I wish I could say we should expect better. But the Liberty Media Braves organization has shown us time and again that, in its dealings with fans generally, it will accept nothing remotely interesting, funny, clever, original or just worth a damn. Chip, Powell, the contemporary Sutton, fake bearded fake fiddler, censored organist, PA guy who can’t pronounce the names of high-profile players……you know the litany.

It’s just damned insulting. I wonder if some Cubs or Red Sox or Yankees fan on Liberty’s payroll is playing a big joke, dialing up the cornpone to see how much we rubes will tolerate. Sorry. It just pisses me off that one of the two sports entities on the planet I care passionately about has such a repellant attitude toward its most devoted customers. End of rant.


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  1. Willie Montanez could hit. He also played first with a certain amount of flair. An All-Star with the Phillies before coming to Atlanta, he was always fun to watch. I always felt badly for Jerry Royster because of his poor hitting. A great athlete who could play just about any position, Jerry Royster always seemed like a really nice person off the field as well.

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