Open thread, 9/15, #Braves vs. the Boston Rustlers

The Blue Jays, 37-15 in the second half, are not the team you want to play when you’re trying to avoid infamy. The Braves won two of three in Toronto back in April, but those were two far different teams.

Those Braves were feisty overachievers Now, they are just two games shy of matching the longest home losing streak in National League history, set by their ancestors, the Boston Rustlers.

The Rustlers, known as the Doves in 1910 and the Braves in 1912, set the franchise record for the lowest winning percentage in franchise history, winning 44 and losing 107. Pitching was their bane; in a dead-ball era the Rustlers had a 5.08 team ERA. And that staff featured Cy Young, then 44 but still the Rustlers’ best pitcher.

The good news: Julio, who lost to the Blue Jays in the Rogers Centre, is pitching more like his old self than he was then. He’ll need to pitch deep into the game if he wants to secure a win tonight.

Meanwhile, more fodder for those of us who want Fredi gone. Garcia is starting over Olivera tonight because, according to DOB, Fredi wanted to play him versus lefties. Never mind that Olivera needs AB’s and is central to the Braves’ rebuilding efforts. Garcia, despite some nice moments, is not.

I have no such problem with Castro starting over Jace Peterson, hitting .198 vs. southpaws and .218 in the second half.

The line-up:

Markakis, Castro, Freddie, Garcia, AJ,Swisher, Simmons, Bourn, Teheran


One thought on “Open thread, 9/15, #Braves vs. the Boston Rustlers

  1. Bwahahaha! Of course we beat the hottest team in baseball! That was hilarious.

    Amazing how someone’s “bullpen management” improves when the actual relievers get batters out.

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