Open Thread, 9/13/88, #Braves vs. the Jay Howells

There’s an upside to being 30 games under .500. I got three lower-level tickets, section 123, for today for $6 each on StubHub. Ah, supply and demand and the Internet and a rebuilding–are we officially rebuilding yet?–ball club.

Casting an eye back to one of the few seasons worse than this one, a 21-year-old John Smoltz would pitch creditably but take the loss as the soon-to-be World Series champ Dodgers blanked the Braves 2-0 behind a two-run homer by Mike Scioscia and solid pitching by John Tudor. I’ll admit I had forgotten he pitched for LA. Future Braves’ post-game show person Howell got his 19th save.

Smoltz would pitch 5-plus that day and be relieved by Omni peanut vendor Ed Olwine and Jose Alvarez. If I’m not mistaken, Alvarez would have been the Opening Day starter for the Replacement Braves had it come to that.

Our heroes limped into Chavez Ravine that night at 49-93. That would be 6.5 games worse than this year’s Braves! Good Lord. Perhaps reflecting the quality of opposition, only 22,000-plus showed up at Dodger Stadium, surely among the smallest crowds in a season when the Dodgers drew 2.98 million.

The visitors’ lineup that day: Gant 2B, Lonnie LF, Perry 1B, Murph RF, Thomas SS, Morrison 3B, Benedict, Blocker, Smoltzie.

Today’s lineup: Markakis, Castro 2B, Freddie, Garcia LF, Olivera, Simmons, Bethancourt, Bourn, Weber. The Mets are sending out the B-team — no Wright, Cespedes or d’Arnaud. Probably won’t matter.

Finally, it’s just sad about the organist being censored. Even the most benign snark is off limits at Turner Field. Fuck Liberty Media and its local myrmidons.


3 thoughts on “Open Thread, 9/13/88, #Braves vs. the Jay Howells

  1. He was trying to polish a turd. Then came more turds. And, as Beavis famously declared, “You can’t polish a turd.” How’s that? He should’ve left Moylan in, but lefties torture him. Vizcaino had pitched back-to-back nights and struggled. McKirahan had pitched three straight nights. Detwiler doesn’t belong in an independent league pen, much less a big league pen. (Is he still on the roster?) Marksberry had already pitched. Kelly had been something resembling mediocre his last few outings, which qualifies as good for the second-half Bravos. Whatever. It’s 2015. says the Braves had a 99 percent chance of winning with a 7-4 lead, two outs and the bases empty in the top of the 9th. Silly computers. They just can’t feel the stank hanging over this team since we essentially started 2016 spring training after the all star break.

  2. I thought I’d see two endangered species yesterday, but turns out I only saw one. I thought we might actually witness a Braves victory. Nah. But I DID see a fan wearing a Dan Uggla Braves jersey, the old red Sunday job. I wonder if you can pick those up on the cheap from the game-used store at the yard.

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