Open Thread, 9/11/91, #Braves vs. Greg Harrises

It’s easy to forget that one of the more memorable regular season games in Atlanta Braves history happened 24 years ago today. No point pretending like I’m writing a preview.

This would be the evening when Kent Mercker, Mark Wohlers and Al Pena combined to no-hit the Padres at FulCo. Only 20,000-plus came out on a Wednesday night–the Braves would lead the NL in attendance the next season–as TP homered in the 5th for the Bravos’ lone tally off the aforementioned Harris. He actually pitched a complete game. It was the home team’s sixth straight win, and maintained the Braves’ half-game lead over the Dodgers.

I had forgotten that the could’ve-been-called-either-way error on TP came with two outs in the 9th. That was typical of the sort of drama the early ’90s Braves produced almost routinely. As it happened, I was on vacation in southern California that day. I listened to most of the game on a Padres station as I drove between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

Mercker only threw 82 pitches but it was just his second start of the season. Of course, he also threw a complete game no-no in 1994. Dude made the most of his limited starting opportunities.

That night’s lineup: Otis, Treadway, TP, Justice, Gant, Bream, Olson, Belliard, Mercker.

Tonight’s lineup as the Braves take on a team that looks a little like those early ’90s squads: Markakis, Castro 2B, Freddie, Garcia, Swisher, Simmons Bethancourt, Bourn, Wisler.




5 thoughts on “Open Thread, 9/11/91, #Braves vs. Greg Harrises

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  1. Greg Harris was ambidextrous, but I never actually saw him switch pitching arms in a game. I hope I spelled ambidextrous correctly! Long time Brewer’s second baseman Jim Gantner, whose nickname was “Gumby”, once described a player like Harris as being “amphibious”.

  2. That was a buzzkill. But Keith Mitchell and — was it Hunter? Deion? — filled in nicely.

  3. Pena almost threw the ball into the crowd, thinking it was just a regular Save.

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