Open Thread, 9/9, #Braves vs. 23 more baseball games

Tonight the Bravos face a pitcher from Atlanta with a 9 ERA. Means nothing.

In fact, two of David Buchanan’s few good outings this year came against our Braves. Julio goes for the Atlantas. Buchanan went to Georgia State. I’ll find out if he’s the only GSU grad to ever play MLB. Nope. He’s the third, but the first since 1965.

Anyway, we’ll see if the Braves can win a series for the first time since winning 3 of 4 vs. the Fish August 6-9. Been more than a month. The winning pitchers in that series were McKirahan, Detwalker and Folty. Chances are those three will never win games in the same series again, for the Braves or any other team. If Detwalker is on this team next year….. Well, I’d as soon see Adrian Devine make a comeback. He’s 63.

I’m reduced to finding joy in the misery of the Gnats. But oh were they miserable last night. Blowing a six-run lead in a must-win pennant race game is crushing. Last night slaughters their playoff hopes unless the Mets completely collapse, as the Mets have been known to do. That does not seem likely this year, however. Nats players have even been bitching about their fans. That’s never good.

Back to the Braves. Take away one abomination against the Yankees, and Teheran has been good since July ended. Remove that one game, and he has a 2.40 ERA in  seven starts, and he’s averaged more than 6 IP per. So there is hope tonight. Trying to turn hope into reality:

Markakis, Olivera, Freddie, Swisher, Peterson, Simmons, Bethancourt, Bourn CF, Julio. Maybin’s scratched eye must be pretty bad.


2 thoughts on “Open Thread, 9/9, #Braves vs. 23 more baseball games

  1. Amusing to hear Adrian Devine mentioned. Like several other Braves, his best season came as a member of another team after and before his Atlanta stints. The Atlanta-Texas pipeline of the 70’s (Larvell “Sugar Bear” Blanks, Devine, and others) was really bizarre, but at least Atlanta got two good seasons out of Jeff Burroughs.

  2. I remember some writers as being shocked that the Rangers obtained 5 guys on a major-league team’s active roster for Burroughs. But somebody else pointed out that the Rangers had just traded their best player for one-fifth of a last-place team. Wish the Texiera deal had worked out similarly.

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