Rosenthal: Fredi has “lost the clubhouse”

Ken Rosenthal:

I’ve been hearing all season that players are frustrated with Gonzalez, that he essentially has lost the clubhouse. If that is the case, why should president of baseball operations John Hart wait to make a change? And why did he give Gonzalez an extension in the first place?

Good question.

If the youngsters are not improving and the veterans are disenchanted, shouldn’t the Braves at least examine whether Gonzalez is part of the problem?

Coppolella, in an interview Saturday with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said it was “unfair” to judge Gonzalez and pitching coach Roger McDowell, but declined to say definitively that both would be back.

Fredi’s extension and the Markakis contract are two of the most puzzling moves of the Hart regime. Markakis has provided some production, at least. I think we can all agree that Fredi is not one of the game’s better strategists. If the players are tuning him out, why would you even consider keeping him?


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  1. Let’s assume Rosenthal’s sources are accurate. What would be the great value in canning Fredi leading into the 2016 season, which shapes up as another year of trying to figure out just which pieces picked up in the rebuild can actually contribute at the major league level and not as a season of competitive baseball in Atlanta? Joe Maddon could not come in here and make the Braves compelling next year. It’s a pure caretaker season, and if the organization is ultimately going to make a change, I’d rather it do so leading into 2017 when hopefully it will have a team with enough demonstrated potential to interest a capable manager.

    In the meantime, there are at most a half-dozen Braves who have played for the club this year whom I would ever want or expect to see on the roster for a competitive team. As for the rest, I could not give a rat’s ass about whether they feel underappreciated by their manager.

  2. What about the players who are staying, particularly the young ones? if Fredi is unable to help in their development why keep them around? Shouldn’t look at 2016 as a lost season but a building block. Why delay the inevitable?

  3. I would love to see Terry Francona as Braves Mgr. If not Francona, David Ross who I think will be a brilliant Mgr.

  4. I’d be happy with TP but it may be time to go outside the organization. Francona would be excellent choice — the guy who brought him to Cleveland just resigned for a job w/ the Blue Jays so now may be the time. Bud Black, because of his ties to Hart, is a strong possibility.

  5. Bud Black would be a great hire.

    Do you think this team would benefit from a strict disciplinarian or a laid-back players’ manager? Usually a team will alternate between the two.

  6. I don’t think a strict disciplinarian works in baseball anymore. Need someone smart who relates to the players I’d be happy with Black.

  7. It only works if the strict manager is fair and doesn’t make it about ego. Buck Showalter comes to mind. He’s got a pretty good track record.

  8. I agree with Atlmalcontent. If he can’t help in the development of the young pitchers, what’s the point in keeping him around? We already know that Teheran hates him. If he can’t get through to Wisler to stop with the two strike meatballs, if he can’t get Folty to listen, then why is he the manager? Bud Black would be wonderful. I’d love TP to get the job. Goddamned anybody. Get Russ Nixon out of the retirement home.

    Fredi’s teams always seem to quit at the end of the season. Someone on another blog made a great summary of Fredi’s skills: his in-game decisions aside, he’s a fairly solid by the numbers manager; however, if things start heading south, he doesn’t know how to shake the team back into a winning place. If he were a pilot, and some birds got sucked into the engines at takeoff, he’d fly into the Empire State Building. He’s not the guy who lands the plane in the Hudson.

    I’ve always detested him. I can’t stand the vacant expression on his dumbassed face as he sits in the dugout. I can’t even watch the games anymore because he he’s so stupid. If he gets fired, I’d be happy with the season. Better yet, he gets run over by the team bus. Ten times.

  9. Everybody knows how I feel about him. He’s lost numerous clubhouses in his seemingly decades long reign of error here. I don’t see how they can even consider letting him have another year to push all of these young guys in the wrong direction.

  10. Isn’t the 2016 a total wash? That’s what these trades have told us. John Hart has basically been assembling a team for for 2017 when they move into Suntrust. What’s the point of firing Frediot now. Can him in 16 after we finish 70-92 or whatever we end up.

    This team doesn’t care because the manager doesn’t care.

  11. Serious question: Why Bud Black? Two winning seasons in nine as a manager. Finished second in his division once. Never taken a team to the postseason. Pads loaded up this year and they collapsed. What am I missing?
    And Fredi might be a bad manager, but what tells you he doesn’t care?

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