Open thread, 9/5, #Braves vs. their bullpen

In 1990, Braves relievers recorded a 5.01 ERA and 1.641 WHIP. Opposing hitters batted .290 against them and got on base at a .370 clip. That year nine Braves relievers recorded saves — Joe Boever, Kent Mercker, Joe Hesketh, Mark Grant, Charlie Kerfeld, Mike Stanton, Jeff Parrett, Rick Luecken, Tony Castillo —  but none had more than eight. They blew 22 of 52 save opportunities.

No Braves bullpen has comparable, until now. Since the All-Star break, Atlanta relievers have posted a 5.45 ERA and 1.551 WHIP. Opposing hitters are batting .284 with a .801 OPS. In August, the bullpen’s ERA was an unsightly 6.72. Opposing hitters batted .297. And the September numbers are even worse.

Poor Shelby Miller. All year long he’s been failed by his offense Now, if he’s to get another win in 2015 he’ll probably have to go the distance.

The line-up:

Markakis, Ciriaco (2B), Freddie, Swisher, Maybin, Simmons, Olivera, Bethancourt, Shelby


One thought on “Open thread, 9/5, #Braves vs. their bullpen

  1. Shelby’s on the dark side of the crazy streak our old pal Kris Medlen had from 2010-2012. Both pitched exceptionally well for the better part of a season. Unfortunately for Shelby, he has the disaster 2015 bullpen and a punchless offense supporting him. Meds had an offense that could produce runs and a top 3 in the league bullpen throughout his run.
    Still, despite the lack of wins Miller has, had Hart not pulled the trigger on that tough to swallow but smart trade of Heyward last year, we might be looking at something resembling the 2003 Tigers on the mound and in the standings.

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