When good managing leads to bad results, and vice-versa

Fredi did something very un-Fredi like tonight, bringing in his closer to pitch the 8th inning. Matt Williams must be rolling over in his grave.

With the heart of the Nats order due up, Fredi opted for logic and “ditched the book.” Leaving Arodys in to pitch the 9th was equally sensible, considering 1.) how few innings he’s pitched this year and 2.) the lack of options. Didn’t work, but it was heartening to see that maybe, just maybe, Fredi has learned something since the last game of the 2013 season.

Matt Williams, on the other hand, made a predictably dumb move, calling on Desmond to bunt with no out and a runner on second in the bottom of the 9th. Yes, the sacrifice was successful, but Turner would’ve scored from second on the den Dekker hit, so what was gained? Had Desmond, who has been hot of late, delivered a hit the game would’ve been over in the 9th.

The Braves may be the worst team in the division, but Friday’s moves proved they don’t have the worst manager.


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