Open thread, 9/4, #Braves vs. the Ghost of Babe Ruth

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Forget the ’88  Braves. The 2015 edition may well be franchise’s worst in 80 years. The 1935 Braves finished 38-115 despite having two future Hall of Famers, Babe Ruth and Rabbit Maranville, on the roster. Unfortunately they were on the wrong side of 40. Center fielder Wally Berger was by far the best player on that team, batting .295 with 34 HR and 130 RBI. Ruth, with 6, was the only other Brave to hit more than 5 dingers that year.

The pitching was abysmal. Ben Cantwell had the best ERA among starters, at 4.61. He won 4, lost 25. Boston’s 4.93 ERA ranked last in the NL, but this year’s Braves team has pitched even worse over the last month and change.

Since then, as CD calculated, the Braves have given up an average of 6.7 runs and scored 3.3 a game. With Julio’s 6.32  road ERA, that doesn’t seem likely to change tonight.

Olivera is still playing himself into shape, according to DOB, so he gets the night off. Funny, but I thought more AB’s, not less, is what he needs. Bethancourt isn’t starting, either, and that’s fine by me, as it’s pretty obvious he’s not going to be apart of the Braves future. Or so we hope.

The line-up:

Markakis 9, Maybin 8, Freeman 3, Pierzynski 2, Garcia 5, Peterson 4, Simmons 6, Bourn 7, Teheran 1.


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 9/4, #Braves vs. the Ghost of Babe Ruth

  1. Regardless of how this plays out, Fredi gets a gold star tonight. Bringing in Arodys in the 8th, and then leaving him to pitch the 9th, was something he wouldn’t have done in past years. On the opposite end of the spectrum, having Desmond bunt with a runner at 2nd is further proof that Matt Williams is a blockhead.

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