Open Thread, 9/3, whose season sucks worse, #Braves or Nats?

I’d argue 2015 stings worse for Nats fans than for Braves fans. We knew our team would blow. Maybe not quite losing-15-of-16 blow, but no sentient Bravos rooter thought this team would contend. By contrast, from Bruce Hooper to David Gregory, everybody who pulls for tough guy Matt Williams’ crew (he really put some backbone in that squad, didn’t he?) budgeted for playoff tickets in February.

Insert Nelson Muntz sound.

Be that as it may, it doesn’t make this part of the season any more fun to watch. Well, maybe it does a little, when the Braves are playing the Natspos, anyway. There can’t be a bigger disappointment in baseball than D.C. Maybe Boston. Which is doubly hilarious, as those are easily the two least favorite ball clubs of your humble office keepers.

Since I have nothing else to say about tonight’s game, let me recount a couple of funny mispronunciations from the trip to the yard with my dad to see the home nine get bludgeoned by the Yanks. First off, the PA announcer said “Jacob” Ellsbury in announcing the lineups and then again before Ellsbury’s first at-bat. And before the game, CB’s buddy, Jeff Owens/Owings/Owen called some guy on the field who works for some corporate sponsor “Jim Crow,” instead of his real name, John Crow.

Then my dad–bless his heart I love him, but he has a penchant for funny pronunciations of ballplayers’ names. He always called Klesko “Kelso,” for instance Anyway, I learned last Friday night that he calls Mark Teixeira Mark “Truex.” Believe me, he’s not trying to be funny.

OK. Maybe we can stay in it tonight. Wisler was good last time out. And some of these guys deserve to be in the bigs: Markakis, Maybin, Freddie, Pierzynski, Swisher, Peterson, Olivera, Simmons, Wisler.




7 thoughts on “Open Thread, 9/3, whose season sucks worse, #Braves or Nats?

  1. Right now this might be the worst team I’ve ever seen. The Braves have given up an average of 6.7 runs and scored 3.3 a game since the end of July. So a typical night is a 7-3 loss. After brief number crunching on some of the worst stretches in 1988, none of them were this bad. The Braves now are a directional school playing an SEC powerhouse every day.

  2. In giving up 15 runs in 8 innings tonight, the Braves used 8 pitchers, not one of whom, by night’s end, had an ERA under 5.00.

  3. Even though the current centerfielder has performed respectably, you should strongly consider temporarily changing this blog’s name for the rest of this season to Cameron’s Trashbin.

  4. I’m sure its been said here before, but what makes everyone think that the team will suddenly become winners when they take the field of the new stadium in 2017? Who says we won’t wander the same desert that the Pirates and Royals stumbled around in during their time in the wilderness? Dark days are here and could possibly last a while….

  5. It’s sad when you hear that your town team has lost a game 15-1 and you don’t raise an eyebrow….

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