Open thread, 9/2, Braves vs. the depths

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Williams Perez is recalled from Gwinnett. Anyone who refers to Williams as a prospect doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about. He wasn’t even considered a prospect when the Braves had no prospects, ranking behind the likes of Kyle Wren.

Perez has a 9.87 ERA in his last six starts, with an WHIP of 2.000. He’s walked more batters than he’s struck out. Comparing him to German Jimenez is an offense to German Jimenez.

Maybe Perez will get lucky like he did in the fist half, when he showed a propensity for pitching into and out of trouble. That’s about the best thing you can say about the 24-year-old non-prospect.

He can’t expect much support from the Braves hitters, or defense. Adonis Garcia gets a start in RF, batting 4th, because if you’re the 2015 Braves you’ve got to find a way to get a 30-year-old with a .269 OBP into the line-up.

Speaking of 30-year-olds, we’ll reserve judgment on Hector Olivera’s inauspicious debut, which shouldn’t have surprised anyone who’s watched this team.

Maybin 8, Simmons 6, Freeman 3, Garcia 7, Swisher 9, Olivera 5, Bcourt 2, Castro 4, Perez 1


8 thoughts on “Open thread, 9/2, Braves vs. the depths

  1. How does an outfielder make 2 errors in a game? Jesus. Whatever it takes to lose.

  2. Never mind. Swisher only made one error, but it apparently led to two unearned runs.

  3. The Braves went 0-7 on their last road trip, 1-8 on their latest home stand. Which shows that they DO play better at home.

    Before today, after reaching .500 at 42-42 July 7, the team was 12-36 over its last 48 games, exactly a .250 clip. Which is the winning percentage of the ’62 Mets. They keep it up till season’s end, they’ll be a 100-loss team.

    Which is what I expect at this point.

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