Open Thread, Sept. 1, #Braves vs. ’88 Braves

At least the 2015 Bravos won’t sink quite to the level of the dreadful ’88ers. To match that team’s 54-106 mark, the Braves would have to lose every remaining game and have two games rained out and not made up. Seems unlikely.

However, this second half has been downright 88ish. To wit: Today’s Bravos are 12-30 since the break, good for a .286 winning percentage. They’ve lost 13 of their last 14 with a run differential of -64.  During that period they have allowed 9 or more runs FIVE times. The worst of all Atlanta squads played .316 ball post-break, going 24-52.

Anyway, things figure to at least get a smidge more interesting. Olivera has finally been called up as rosters expand today. Banuelos is back and will start tonight. Olivera is not starting. but one would guess that will change soon. Adonis Garcia has been taking grounders at second, so we could see him shift over there and take some ABs from Peterson. Jace’s place figures to be uncertain over the winter. He’s played good defense, but he’s hitting .241 with limited power and only 11 steals in 21 attempts. That’s a terrible percentage.

Of course, Garcia would not seem to be a long-term answer at second. That would be Albies. But Oz won’t be ready next season. So we shall see. Indirectly speaking of Peraza, a friend recently chatted with a college teammate and pal of Alex Wood. That pal said Wood’s left arm is on a fast road to ruin. Sad, but not terribly surprising, and if true that would help explain why Hart and Coppy sent him to Lalaland.

Also regarding seasons to come, Bethancourt has so far disappointed in his recall. I think he’s looked a tad better at blocking balls in the dirt, but he’s allowed a key passed ball, hasn’t hit, has thrown the ball to the outfield and crossed wires with pitchers a few times. It does not look promising. I’d still give him most of the playing time the rest of the way to see what happens.

He’s not in there tonight, and that’s OK. I’d also play AJ some just to give the team a better chance to win now and then. The lineup: Markakis, Maybin, Freddie, Swisher, Pierzynski, Garcia, Olivera, Peterson, Castro SS, Banuelos.


4 thoughts on “Open Thread, Sept. 1, #Braves vs. ’88 Braves

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  1. I was puzzled about Wood being traded away. I guess it makes more sense now. Too bad. Hopefully he gets to pitch in the World Series before his arm troubles become too much.

  2. `time to wake up and smell the coffee: The Braves absentee owners care as much about the `16 & `61 seasons as they do Atlanta at large–VERY LITTLE!!!

  3. OOOPS meant to say `15 & `16 season (that Braves owners couldn’t care less about)

  4. I think that same guy who told you about wood’s arm ( and me as well) said the tex deal was a steal and the 5 “bums” rangers got would never amount to anything,,, and wainright is a ticking time bomb,,i’m starting think he may not be a good source,,,,all kidding aside that deal and the shreeve deal to an extent I question and will continue for a few years to be honest , the others deals /moves in my mind get a big A+ in my book ( not the markakis FA signing)

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