Open thread, 8/31, #Braves vs. eh who gives a …

Braves vs. Marlins is never a hot ticket. On an overcast night, following this weekend’s debacle vs. the Yankees … odds are you’ll see the smallest crowd in Turner Field history. Folty is out sick so Shelby gets the start on regular rest.

The line-up: Markakis, Simmons, Freddie, Gomes, Garcia, Peterson,  Bethancourt, Bourn, Miller 


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  1. charlesad says:

    Gomes traded to the Royals. Can’t imagine the Braves got too much in return.

  2. Caz says:

    I didn’t realize that it’s been mid-May since Shelby Miller got a win – that’s 19 starts in a row where he has either taken a loss or gotten a no-decision, despite having a sub-3 ERA. It’s really impressive to me that he’s pretty much been in every game in that span as well; I imagine it would be pretty easy to just give up and play half-assed in this situation, so good for him to keep battling.

  3. charlesad says:

    Last night was his season in microcosm — 7 IP, one run allowed, a loss. I’m not sure why Fredi pulled him to start the 8th after 99 pitches, considering the state of the pen. On the other hand, I guess there’s no point taking a chance on burning out Miller in games that mean little.

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