Open thread, 8/30, #Braves vs. John Sterlings

Sad news last night, accompanied by the usual over-reaction. I don’t know what caused the fan’s fall from the upper deck but in all likelihood it was the result of either a horrible accident or foolish behavior. (And please, don’t blame criticism of A-Rod.)

There were two previous deaths at Turner Field: one a suicide, the other a result of a drunk fan sliding down a railing. Whatever happened Saturday, it’s likely there’s nothing the organization could’ve done to prevent it.

Stopping the game, as many have suggested, would’ve been the wrong decision, according to a veteran first responder,

The liine-up:

Markakis, Swisher, Freddie, AJ, Garcia, Peterson, Simmons, Bourn, Teheran


6 thoughts on “Open thread, 8/30, #Braves vs. John Sterlings

  1. Hard to recall a worse weekend at Turner Field. A fan dies and the Braves barely compete as they sink toward baseball’s worst record.

  2. This series reminds me of those mid 80s games against the Mets when the Braves never had a chance. With Fredis track September track record, 100 losses is looking like a sure bet this yr.

  3. When I heard about the drunk fan plummeting to his death while booing ARod, I had to check in at the Office to make sure it wasn’t Duane.

  4. Sheesh. Well, I knew that it would be a long year so I’ve been somewhat resigned about this entire season. But yeah, this is easily the nadir. The only bit of levity I received this weekend in regard to the Braves is when I upset a Yankee fan when I described A-Rod as a liar, a cheat, and now, a killer.

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