Hate to say we told you so …

Correction: 64-98

April 4, 2015 // 9 Comments

092515 braves CC13
I hope the Braves don’t sink to their worst record since 1990 1989, but this team needs a lot to go right to avoid a historically bad offense, shitty bullpen and potentially thin rotation. Add Fredi to the mix and you have a recipe for misery. CD is a tad more optimistic, […]

2 thoughts on “Hate to say we told you so …

  1. When the Braves dealt Alex Wood to the Dodgers a month ago, I said in these parts that the Braves were going to win about 70 games between then and the end of next season, figuring on 20 the rest of this season, 50 next season. And they’ll have to win 12 of their last 30 to reach 20 for 2015. I don’t think they’ll make it. Not when teams are coming in and scoring 38 runs in a three-game sweep at the Ted.

  2. This is truly an indictment on Fredi. He cannot right the ship. This is the third time in FIVE YEARS he hasn’t been able to pull his team out of a funk. Why not rebuild with a new manager with different philosophies and someone who knows how manage a bullpen. Sheesh

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