Open thread, 8/29, #Braves vs. Lena Dunhams

Well it can’t get any uglier than it was last night, can it? Let’s hope not, but a Yankees line-up dominated by lefties is not what you want to see opposing Matt Wisler. Left-handed hitters are batting a robust .367 against the Braves rookie with a 1.100 WHIP. Lefties have slugged nine homers off The Wis in 126 ABs.

Crappy pitching has been the story of the second half for the Bravos, from both the starters (5.84 ERA in August) and relievers (5.72 ERA this month).

Let’s hope last night’s debacle finally disabuses any notion that Williams Perez — demoted to Gwinnett after the game — is a legitimate prospect. He’s not and never has been. Hell, he’s not even Jorge Campillo.

Yankees starter Luis Severino, on the other hand, is a big time, potential top-of-the-rotation prospect. He’s performed ably in each of his four starts, striking out 24 in 23 IP with a 2.74 ERA.

Lining up against him:

Markakis 9, Maybin 8, Freeman 3, Swisher 7, Garcia 5, Peterson 4, Bethancourt 2, Simmons 6, Wisler 1


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