Open thread, 8/25, #Braves vs. the Ghost of Trevor Cahill

Last night one off our favorite ex-Braves, Kris Medlen, made his first start in nearly two years, holding the O’s to 3 runs in 6 IP, striking out 6 and walking none. Those were the first three runs he’s allowed in 17 August innings.

Medlen is making $2 mil this year and $5.5 million the next, with a mutual $10 mil option in 2017 (including a $1 mil buyout) So the Royals are on the hook for just $8.5 mil.

That’s $200,000 more than what the Braves paid Trevor Cahill (including buyouts for 2016 and ’17) and Eric Stults. Cahill had one good season — four years ago. Stults has never been better than a spot starter.

Medlen was a risk, but so is Hector Olivera and just about every young pitcher the Braves have obtained. But considering the cost, and Medlen’s resume, it’s one the Braves should’ve taken.

Instead the Braves have to cross their fingers that Folty and Wisler will evolve into competent starters for 2016. It would be nice to have Med Dog as a bridge to the future. Plus, the Braves were cooler when Medlen wore a tomahawk across his chest.

Hopefully Folty will inspire a little confidence tonight. Lining up behind him:



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