Open thread, 8/22, #Braves vs. Pat Sajaks

Losers of 20 of their last 22 on the road and 27 of their last 38 overall, the Braves are, for the moment, baseball’s worst team. Since the All-Star break, they’ve performed poorly in every aspect of the game.

Batting: .241 BA, .295 OBP, .341 slugging

Pitching: 4.53 ERA, 1.431 WHIP (starters ERA, 4.82)

It’s a wonder they’re 11-22 since the break.

Williams Perez, today’s starter, has been among the worst second half performers. He’s lost all four starts since returning to Atlanta, with a 7.30 ERA and 1.784 WHIP. If he’s a member of the 2016 rotation the Braves are in trouble.

The line-up:

Markakis. Maybin, Freeman, AJ, Adonis, Swisher (LF), Peterson, Simmons, Perez


One thought on “Open thread, 8/22, #Braves vs. Pat Sajaks

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  1. The Braves have a 4-run lead headed into the bottom of the 5th and allow 6 runs over the next 3 innings. Uggh. I think “Williams Pérez” may be Spanish for “Frank LaCorte.”

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