Open thread, 8/21, #Braves vs. Bobby Fischers

Will Shelby Miller ever win another game? His season is beginning to resemble Nolan Ryan’s 1987 campaign with the Astros. Despite finishing with the lowest ERA in the NL that year, Ryan lost 16 and won just 8. Shelby won’t lose that many, at least.

I’ve got a feeling he finally wins one today even though the Braves have looked abysmal on this road trip. Losers of 8 of their last 10, Fredi’s freeloaders have been outscored by 28 runs during that stretch.

Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks has been struggling, too, allowing 18 runs and 31 hits in his last five starts (26-2/3 IP). He did pitch well against the Braves on July 17, allowing 1 ER in 5-2/3 IP.

Meanwhile, Hector Olivera, who recorded two hits last night in his Gwinnett debut, is likely to join the team after this series.

The line-up:



3 thoughts on “Open thread, 8/21, #Braves vs. Bobby Fischers

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  1. A win for Shelby? We’ll see. Sure double play turns into a run and a potential big inning. Miller’s Law in 2015.

  2. This team is cratering. And to think Fredi got an extension. September is looking to be brutal.

  3. September will be brutal? Like the last month and a half haven’t been? The Braves were 42-42 on July 7. Since then, they’ve gone 11-27, a .289 clip. That equates to a 46-116 record over a full season, and should the team maintain that pace for the last 40 games of the season, they’d end up about 64-98. Last season, they went from first place to sub-.500 during the second half of the season. This year, they could go more than 30 games under .500 during the second half. I don’t like Fredi and don’t think he’s the main problem — a lack of talent is — but watching the ragtag Texas Rangers remain in contention this season after a managerial change makes me think that new field leadership should at least be attempted.

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