Open thread, 8/20, #Braves vs. Jose Padillas

In two of his last three starts Folty has allowed nine hits and six runs. That’s 18 hits and 12 runs in 10.1 IP. In between he allowed two earned in 5-2/3 IP vs. the Fish but walked four and pitched in and out of trouble all night.

In other words, he’s gotten progressively worse this season. Unless he turns it around down the stretch he should be guaranteed nothing next year.

Jake Arrieta, on the other hand, has a 1.56 ERA in the second half with 40 K’s in 40-1/3 IP. He is the ace of the Cubs staff, not Jon Lester.

It should be noted that Arrieta came to Chicago with a career 5.46 ERA in four years with Baltimore. So it’s way too early to give up on Folty.

Still, I’d put the odds of the Braves winning this one at .001 percent. But youneverknow.


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 8/20, #Braves vs. Jose Padillas

  1. Well this time Folty only gave up 8 hits, not 9. But he allowed 7 ER, not 6. And he didn’t manage to get through the 5th. The awfulness of the Braves rookie starters of late is getting as depressing as when the rotation included Odom and Lacorte.

  2. Just need to remember that Glavine and Maddux were terrible as rookies too.

    Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Folty was shipped out this offseason.

  3. I hope Folty can be salvaged. Should the Braves give up on him this offseason, seeing as they’ve apparently already grown disenchanted with Rio Ruiz, that would give them pretty much jack squat for Evan Gattis.

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