Mallex Smith is on fire

Last night, for the third time in his last 10 games, Mallex had 3 hits, including two triples. After a slow start he’s raised his average to .280 at Gwinnett, and for the year he’s hitting .310 with a .370  OBP and 48 steals.

An OF of Smith, Maybin and Markakis is a decent bet to start 2016. I expect the Braves will make another run at Yankees catching prospect Gary Sanchez (.274-16-57), capping what may be a quieter offseason than anticipated.

But I could live with this:










3 thoughts on “Mallex Smith is on fire

  1. I’d still like to see them try Olivera at second this year. If it works, make a run at Uribe and/or Kelly Johnson, both of which might provide an upgrade over Jace, who will still get plenty of playing time.

  2. That lineup might play. But what is going on with Simmons? It seems the guy has totally forgotten how to hit.

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