The Office at 10

“Would it be better to miss the playoffs entirely than to endure yet another first-round exit?”

And with that, Rowland’s Office was born, 10 years ago today. For every day since, fans have turned  to the Office for unmatched coverage, probing analysis, peerless insight, and at the end of the day a revolutionary, impactful, game-changing, empowering, end-to-end Braves information solution.

The Office’s influence is timeless, extending beyond it’s very existence.

“Without the Office, the 1991 season would never have happened,” said longtime Braves GM and loyal Office reader John Schuerholz. “The Fred McGriff trade was a direct result of Rowland’s Office.”

The namesake himself noted that this blog has been packed with learnings and takeaways. “Who is this? Y’all doing what with my name?” Rowland said excitedly.

Other quotes of note regarding the blog named in a national survey as the most important, world class, best-of-breed Braves weblog of the 21st century:

“I probably would never have won the ’99 MVP award if not for the Office,” said Chipper Jones.

“All those Cy Youngs I won? They should call them Cy Offices,” said Gregory A. Maddux.

“I’ve gotten all kinds of awards and recognition in my time, but nothing quite matches the Office’s calling me ‘the Greatest Brave of Them All,’ ” proclaimed the Greatest Brave of Them All, Henry Louis Aaron.

“Rowland’s Office put that damn cocaine in my tool box,” said Otis Nixon.

“The Lord be with you,” said Ol’ JD Drew. “I made a lot of money because of Rowland’s Office….and Scott Boras.”

“I learned my change-up from Rowland’s Office,” recalled Tom Glavine.

“I may have had a pile of wins and saves, but Rowland’s Office is the real Hall of Famer,” admitted John Smoltz.

“I probably wouldn’t have won one division without reading the Office,” chuckled Skipper Bobby Cox. “It was always my secret weapon.”

“Fuck those guys,” cursed former reader Dave.

“Rowland is super and the Office is even super-er,” exclaimed beloved contributor Hal Phellis.

Yeah, it’s nice to hear compliments from our fans. And we deserve it. Rowland’s Office was hailed as the world’s greatest baseball blog by none other than Sports Illustrated as early as 2006. R.O. has since eclipsed the once-famous magazine’s readership levels and our twitter feed now claims more followers than Ashton Kutcher, Barack Obama and Lady Gaga combined, according to Elias Sports Bureau.

It’s little wonder the blog has achieved runaway popularity, what with its trademark humor, humanity, historical insight, hubris, regular old insight, wit, intelligence, prescience (who first called Ryan Langerhans the next Paul O’Neil? It wasn’t Talking Chop, by damn.), poetry, humility and all-around kick assedness.

You’re welcome.


9 thoughts on “The Office at 10

Add yours

  1. …and Rowland’s Office is an important part of a nutritious breakfast!
    Happy 10th

  2. I’ve been reading for about 8 of these years. Thanks for giving me a smart place to follow and talk Braves baseball.

  3. Since I’ve moved away, you guys have been who I’ve gone to for getting a feel for how the team is really doing, since I rarely get to watch anymore. Thanks, and never let the cynicism die!!!

  4. Ah, Dave. David Wright’s evil twin. I had actually forgotten about that li’l rage troll.

    I’ve been here since ’07 or ’08. I’m still coming back, so…

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