Open Thread, Aug. 16, #Braves vs. Jared Loughners

Laugh du jour: in August the Natspos are 4-11, the Braves are 6-7. Tough guy Matt Williams has really put some spine in the club that stat geek hero Brian Kenny predicted would win 108 games. Too late. They could go undefeated from here and they’d only win 104.

Shelby Miller goes today so expect a low-scoring tilt. Of course, he hasn’t been quite as dominant of late, with a 3.20 ERA in his past four starts. He’s hardly getting pounded. And it has not much mattered as the Braves just don’t score when he pitches. Horse carcass, I have struck thee.

Trying to score a run or two today: Bourn LF, Maybin, Markakis, Pierzynski, Garcia, Peterson, Terdo 1B, Simmons, Miller.


3 thoughts on “Open Thread, Aug. 16, #Braves vs. Jared Loughners

  1. There would be no greater joy for the major league team this season than to eliminate the Nats from the division crown around September 30. My love for this team would grow immensely if they pull that off.

  2. In a mostly joyless season otherwise, I have found a nice bit of pleasure in this recent Walgreen’s free fall. The fact that we trail them by only 5 games is downright hysterical.

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