Score another one for #Braves marketing and promotions dept.

This Sunday will be “Paint in the Park Day.” Yeah, that should bring in the crowds.

What about 1/2 price beer night, or “Open More Than Once Concession Stand in the Upper Deck” night?

No doubt they’re operating under the same principle that a Angels official was stupid enough to say out loud:

“We may not be reaching as many of the people on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder, but those people, they may enjoy the game, but they pay less, and we’re not seeing the conversion on the per-caps [Gustavo note: spend more money like other, wealthier fans, in Halospeak],” Alvarado said. “In doing so, the ticket price that we’re offering those people, it’s not like I can segregate them, because I’m offering it up to the public, and I’m basically downselling everybody else in order to accommodate them.”

We can only hope the rumors that Liberty will sell the Braves once the new stadium is finished are true Of course, they’ll probably end up in the hands of another out-of-town conglomerate.


2 thoughts on “Score another one for #Braves marketing and promotions dept.

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  1. I figured “”Paint in the Stadium Day” was a Tom Sawyer-esque ruse to get fans to perform neglected routine maintenance tasks.

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