Pascual, the Padres, the Sourpuss and Smoltzie

Big day in Braves history.

Thirty one years ago, the brawl to end all brawls went down on a Sunday afternoon in Fulco. It’s striking how many players from this game have passed away: Pascual, Alan Wiggins, Tony Gwynn, Donnie Moore, Rick Camp …The stars remain the fan in the yellow pants, shirtless Ed Whitson and Bob Horner’s cast.

Two years after the brawl, noted sourpuss Doyle Alexander was traded to the Tigers for a young pitcher who didn’t want to leave Detroit. You know the rest by now.


2 thoughts on “Pascual, the Padres, the Sourpuss and Smoltzie

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  1. I happen to know “the fan in the yellow pants”–not well… friend of the family I guess you’d say.

    Someone in our hometown did a voice-over of the video above, an elaborate production, and a lot more work in those days of VHS tape. It was marvelous; I wish I had a copy.

    Yellow slacks has his “15 minutes” on the books… All these years later I still haven’t had mine. Maybe I’ll visit the Ted later this year and go for it.

    But will anyone be tuned in?!!

  2. Dick Williams was later caught naked on a hotel room balcony, jerking off for passersby. That will never, ever stop being the funniest thing that ever happened.

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